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What is Hashtag Analytics?

Hashtag Analytics is a free, all-in-one Chrome extension for business growth.


LinkedIn Hashtag Strategy

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Supercharge your reach.

AI Smart Commenting

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Engage with leads easily.

Lead Nurturing

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Monitor and nurture leads at scale.

Fast and Advanced LinkedIn Hashtag Strategy

Ready to make your content and profile on LinkedIn visible to thousands of people?

Find hashtags that work for you and your business by checking their real-time total followers, like and comment counts. Within a fraction of a second. With no fee required.

It’s used worldwide by:

  • Business Owners
  • LinkedIn Influencers
  • Social Media Managers/Experts
  • Digital Marketers
  • Fuel Your Newsfeed Scrolling Addiction

    Hashtag research done with a single mouse hover.

    Hover your mouse over any hashtag on a viral LinkedIn post to see if they're worth leveraging in your next post.

  • Spend Less Time and Mental Capacity

    Need to search up results on a couple of hashtags real quick?

    Click on our Chrome extension’s icon and search them without leaving your LinkedIn page.

  • Spark Your Creative Juices

    One can only use generic hashtags so many times (and not gain anything from it every time).

    Start a fresh LinkedIn post, input # and begin typing a keyword like you would on Google. You’ll immediately get hashtag auto-suggestions relevant to your post.

  • Uncover Trending Hashtags

    Get the latest scoop about the best hashtags on LinkedIn before others.

    If your favourite hashtag is gaining followers at a record speed, you'll be the first to know.

Accelerate Your Lead Nurturing Process

Besides making hashtagging on LinkedIn effective, LinkedIn Hashtag Analytics tool also provides free access to two member-exclusive features:

AI Smart Commenting

Commenting on LinkedIn posts is a powerful lead nurturing strategy. However, it often takes a lot of time and effort.

This AI writing tool writes comments that are relevant to your lead’s LinkedIn post for you.

With AI Smart Commenting, you will:

Lead Nurturing

This tool functions as a tracking and monitoring system.

Move multiple key leads down the funnel at a time by getting updated insights on their posting activity on LinkedIn and nurturing them with relevant auto-generated responses.


Our tool is updated automatically.

Any new updates may take 2-3 days after we have published the latest version on the Google Chrome store.

In most cases, it should not take more than a day.

Hashtag Analytics Chrome tool functions within the LinkedIn platform.

Try logging into your LinkedIn profile. The Chrome tool should work on any LinkedIn page.

  1. Log into your LinkedIn account.
  2. Click on the tool’s extension icon. Sign in to your Hashtag Analytics account. 
  3. You will now see checkboxes in front of searched hashtags in the Search History section. Check the boxes beside hashtags you want to track and monitor, and hit save. They should then appear in your custom list of hashtags to track and monitor.
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FILT Pod offers a wide range of features that will allow business owners to grow their visibility on LinkedIn and drive more traffic to their business.

Hashtag Analytics is a free-for-all Chrome tool built into our FILT Pod platform, and you can access it via the Hashtags tab. You may also use other free products such as Lead Nurturing and AI Smart Commenting.

Other than those functions, you’ll need to request an invite first to access our network of business owners and content amplification tool, as we’re an invite-only community.

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Yes, and you should!

Great content deserves maximum exposure, and using relevant hashtags on your LinkedIn posts will boost your content and profile visibility.

Imagine each hashtag as a physical folder. When you create a LinkedIn post and place it in a ‘folder’ on LinkedIn, you make your content easier to locate and distribute to the right target audience.

This is very subjective, but we’ve learnt from research that the best hashtags are always the ones relevant to our niche or industry.

Here are some best practices to start:

  • Always place hashtags at the end of your LinkedIn posts to improve readability
  • Limit usage to 1-3 hashtags to avoid looking spammy and penalisation by the LinkedIn algorithm
  • Use a mixture of general, niche and custom hashtags in each LinkedIn post
  • Avoid spaces between words or special characters such as dashes and underscores


For more tips and strategies, read this.

Use LinkedIn Hashtag Analytics to determine a hashtag’s overall performance on LinkedIn.

Reach isn’t the only determinant of a good hashtag on LinkedIn.

You’ll also want to look at its like and comments count to determine its effectiveness.

Can using popular hashtags with millions of followers reach that number of people? The data from our free hashtag analytics tool reveals a grim reality.

A popular hashtag (e.g. #marketing) gives you a reach of over 20 million followers but only an average of 8 likes and 3 comments.

Here are 2 top reasons:

  • High competition
    • Everyone is using the same hashtag because of its popularity. It’s like shooting for the moon.
  • The market is too broad
    • Your content may be irrelevant to the majority of the hashtag followers

LinkedIn power users and influencers have their own unique LinkedIn hashtag strategy.

But if they have one thing in common, it’s that they don’t search for the top LinkedIn hashtags, take the top 30 and paste them into their LinkedIn post arbitrarily.

Why? It’s because they know that it doesn’t work that way on LinkedIn.

The top echelon of LinkedIn users knows that the number of LinkedIn hashtag followers doesn’t necessarily translate to high reach, and if you didn’t know that already, you do now!

Just imagine: If these top LinkedIn influencers with avid followers can’t get the best out of using popular hashtags, how would small-time business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs fare?

That’s why learning how many followers a LinkedIn hashtag has isn’t, and won’t ever be, sufficient. You need to look into more data to make the best call.

Skyrocket Your Business Growth With LinkedIn Hashtag Analytics