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Engage AI for Zapier

Leverage ChatGPT comments for LinkedIn by connecting Engage AI to 5000+ popular apps. 

Engage AI augments comments for you to engage prospects on LinkedIn.

Engage AI integrations in Zapier speed up engagements with prospects. Streamline the process of increasing touchpoints with prospects and clients to save time and achieve faster conversions. 

How To Integrate Engage AI With Zapier

1. download engage ai extension

#1: Install Engage AI extension

Join thousands of professionals in using Engage AI. Save time and augment conversations with prospects with AI-powered comments that add real value.

2. create an engage ai account

#2: Sign up for a free account

Create your account here.

3. add engage ai integration

#3: Add Engage AI Integration

Search for Engage AI on Zapier and add the integration.

4. connect engage ai account to zapier

#4: Connect your Engage AI account to Zapier

Use your Engage AI credentials to connect your Engage AI account to Zapier.

Ways to Leverage Engage AI for Zapier

engage ai as a zapier trigger

Engage AI as a Zapier Trigger

You can access 2 types of Engage AI triggers:

New Lead

This event triggers when you add a new prospect to monitor in your Engage AI account. 

New LinkedIn Post

This event triggers when your saved lead publishes a new LinkedIn post. 

engage ai as a zapier action

Engage AI as a Zapier Action

Receive a LinkedIn profile URL from this Zapier action and add it to your Engage AI account for monitoring.

Do More With Engage AI Integrations

Connect Engage AI to 5000+ popular apps. Automate your work and have more time for what matters most — no code required.

Use AI to write insightful comments on LinkedIn.

Save hours of your time as you engage and increase touchpoints with multiple leads on LinkedIn.