How to make the LinkedIn algorithm work for you

Since there is so much content to show, LinkedIn cannot possibly prioritise all posts.

It is selective, showing only the valuable and interesting ones that get people to scroll and linger.

That’s how they earn more money, after all.

And LinkedIn uses none other than its carefully-designed algorithm to find these amazing posts.

The defining factor that determines whether your post soars or sinks into oblivion?



If your piece of content doesn’t get a lot of engagement during the first 2 hours, it decides you probably won’t get it later.

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How can you use LinkedIn to increase your reach and become a thought leader?

The Latest LinkedIn Algorithm Update

How much does the latest update impact your profile visibility?

Understanding how the LinkedIn algorithm works allows you to use it to your advantage.

After the recent update in August 2021, you also need LinkedIn engagement to roll in throughout the week.

By keeping pace, you’re able to increase your reach over a longer time.

Reach and nurture more LinkedIn prospects.

Grow your business with a single tool.