What Does “Found You via LinkedIn Profile” Mean?

Found You Via LinkedIn Profile

When someone sends you a connection request from their LinkedIn account, what is the message that you see below their title? If you’re like me, then what’s most likely to be there is “Found you via LinkedIn profile.”

What does this mean, and what are some other ways people can find your profile on LinkedIn? The article will answer these questions as well as what you can do with this information.

What Does “Found You Via LinkedIn Profile” Mean?

To know how you’ve been getting your profile views, you’ll need to click on the ‘Who viewed your profile” link on your homepage.

How People Found You via LinkedIn Profile and Other Means

From there, you will be able to see up to five most recent viewers with a free LinkedIn basic account. You will need a premium LinkedIn account to view all of them.

Where to find the "Found You via LinkedIn Profile" text

 From this page, you can discover how your viewers found you.

If your viewers found you via LinkedIn Profile, it means they had received a suggestion to connect with you whilst browsing on their own profile page.

If your viewers found you via LinkedIn Homepage, it means they had seen what you’ve posted on their newsfeed and clicked through your profile.

If your viewers found you via My Network, it means they had discovered your profile whilst viewing their existing connection’s page.

If your viewers found you via LinkedIn Search, it means they had applied specific filters, and your profile had one of the search results. Alternatively, they had searched for your name on the LinkedIn Search Bar.

If your viewers found you via LinkedIn Company Pages, it means they had discovered your profile whilst viewing a company page on LinkedIn.

If your viewers found you via Messaging, it means they decided to look at your profile after another person shared it with them through the message inbox on LinkedIn.

If your viewers found you via Other, it means they had discovered you through Google, social media or a website.

Now that you know how others can discover your profile, here’s how you can enhance your profile’s reach so that even more prospects will want to connect with you or follow you:

Complete Profile Information

Ensure that all of the information on your profile is accurate and complete. Make yourself more discoverable by including your contact information, company, job title, skills and work experience.

Play on Your Strengths

If people are mostly finding you via the LinkedIn homepage, for instance, that means you’re creating the right kind of content and are getting click-throughs. Thus, creating and amplifying your content on LinkedIn with engagement advertising should be your dominant marketing strategy on LinkedIn.

Cross-post to Maximise Your Winning on LinkedIn

If you’re getting click-throughs from your website on top of people finding you on their homepage, you can consider uploading what you’ve posted on your website to LinkedIn. This will make it easier for people who follow what you’re doing on both platforms to see what’s going on and keep up with the latest news from your company or organisation.

Don’t Just Post; Write Comments

Be proactive and provide insightful comments on other posts. Many LinkedIn users read the comments section of posts as they know others would add fresh perspectives. Therefore, you shouldn’t stop at “Great post!” or “Love this article!”.

Switch out generic comments for opinions and insights relevant to the original post, and you may even attract the curiosity of the original poster if they’re not connected to you already.

Wrapping Things Up

It’s vital to keep track of how you’re getting your profile views. This way, you can modify your marketing strategies accordingly to optimise your profile’s visibility and reach.

Which of the tips above did you find most efficient in getting the LinkedIn algorithm to work in your favour?

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