Business Owner Nurtures Prospects And Clients Via AI-Augmented Comments

Key Outcomes

  • 33% increase in his brand reach in 1 month
  • 37% increase in monthly web traffic 
  • Monthly passive income from 40% affiliate commissions


Kenneth Peterson has been working on his own business for over 7 years. His experience as an SME owner made him aware of building and engaging his network and audience on social platforms, including LinkedIn. Equally, he needed to oversee many other aspects of his business.

Building a community on any social media platform requires time and consistent effort. To reach B2B businesses, Kenneth posted and promoted content on LinkedIn. These content marketing activities took up much of his time and effort. At the same time, Kenneth didn’t want to message people privately out of the blue. As he often received cold messages, he knew no one was keen to respond to strangers.

That’s when Kenneth stumbled upon the idea of commenting on LinkedIn.

Instead of creating content from scratch, Kenneth spent more time leaving thoughtful comments on his prospects and clients’ LinkedIn posts. He started engaging in conversations, giving feedback and tips to help others grow their businesses. Each time Kenneth commented, it was to add value and contribute to the conversation.

Commenting to increase touchpoints with his audience and prospects was immensely effective, but it still needed improvement. As much as commenting was an effective strategy to stand in front of his audience, Kenneth needed to dedicate 4 hours a week to engage with his audiences. That’s 4 hours he could have used to work on other aspects of his business. 

There’s time spent skimming a prospect’s post, thinking up something witty to say and writing the comment. When the content pertained to a difficult or niche topic, Kenneth would resort to Googling the terms used or take more time to produce an insightful response. Keeping track of all these comments and leads was another time-consuming aspect of the strategy.

While sourcing apps to accelerate and streamline the process, a personal contact recommended Engage AI to Kenneth.

Building blocks for engaging comments

Engage AI took away a lot of the time and stress of making comments. The Generative AI app did the hard work for Kenneth, piecing the right words together so they resonated with his audience’s content.

engage ai comment in field (2)

Even on the more technical or complex topics, Kenneth no longer resorted to the bland ‘great post’ comments. He easily phrased appropriate, meaningful comments to respond to posts. With simple fine-tuning to fit the tone of his brand, Kenneth could confidently post the responses and impress prospects and clients. His audience appreciated Kenneth’s acknowledgement of their content, and it reflected positively on Kenneth and his brand.

7-step strategy to increase visibility and nurture prospects

This strategy helped Kenneth increase his reach and engage with his audience efficiently. Instead of spending 4 hours a week, he reduced the time spent crafting comments to less than 1 hour with Engage AI Pro.

kenneth monitor leads
Monitoring lead posting activity to speed up engagements

Kenneth summed the strategy up in 7 steps: 

  1. Save key prospects in the Engage AI app for multiple touchpoints
  2. Visit profiles with recent posting activity on the list
  3. Have Engage AI write and augment the comment
  4. Personalize it to fit the brand voice and post it
  5. Engage again (3-7 comments per prospect) after sufficient delay 
  6. Monitor and review responses (like, reply, profile visit, or combination) from prospects
  7. If no positive response by 7th touchpoint, he removes the contact from his prospect list

Kenneth easily left at least 50 comments per week, and the response/engagement rate was much higher when compared to making a post.

kenneth commenting on prospects post

On average, Kenneth received a reply, like or profile visit from at least 45 of those prospects. His prospects remembered him more easily since they had seen him active in conversations over time. By extension, they were also more receptive when Kenneth reached out to them in the inbox.

Once a prospect responded to Kenneth’s comment, he would then proceed with the next step, messaging them in the inbox to start a conversation. With optimal touchpoints and having established a positive impression from leaving comments on his prospects’ posts, conversations in the inbox developed more naturally. As a result, the relationships that formed between him and prospects were far healthier and genuine.

Kenneth found he was at least 60% more successful in landing a meeting with prospects after incorporating Engage AI in his LinkedIn strategy.

Overall, the 7-step strategy helped Kenneth grow his brand reach, authority, and community in 1 month. Commenting didn’t just put him in front of his prospects and clients but a broader audience that included his first-level connections and the post owner’s own LinkedIn network. That subsequently led to an increase in profile visits and web traffic.

kenneth site traffic stats

By leveraging Engage AI to augment his commenting strategy on LinkedIn, Kenneth was able to engage with his audience and build relationships more efficiently. He accelerated his growth by spending less time crafting comments, while still having meaningful conversations with his audience. As an affiliate, Kenneth also enjoyed 40% commissions for referring dozens of friends using his affiliate link.

"Engage AI so incredibly useful and fun to use. When you can't find the right words – which does happen to native English speakers like me – or just need a fresh perspective, Engage AI creates prompts that you simply tweak to make it 100% human. It's a lifesaver when it comes to topics you're less familiar with and just need a bit of a nudge in the right direction."

Kenneth Peterson

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