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Get customised solutions for your business

Choose an integration tailored to the specific needs of your business:

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Hootsuite's Hashtag Analytics Integration

Do you plan and schedule LinkedIn posts on Hootsuite?

Don’t risk your planned LinkedIn posts going to waste. With Hootsuite’s Hashtag Analytics integration, you can maximise your reach, so the right audience sees your content.

Receive valuable insights into the trends and conversations on LinkedIn so you can adjust your content distribution strategy.

Start discovering effective hashtags all within your Hootsuite dashboard.

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Pipedrive's Engage AI Integration

Do leads saved in your Pipedrive CRM need constant nudges to progress through your sales pipeline?

With this integration, you never have to worry about leads on Pipedrive falling through the cracks.

Leverage Engage AI, your LinkedIn comment writing assistant.

Save hours writing comments to attract your prospects and achieve faster conversions with every added touchpoint.

Engage AI constantly expands its list of integrations to provide users with the most seamless experience possible.

Check back often to see the latest additions.

Use AI to write insightful comments on LinkedIn.

Get a free lifetime subscription to save hours of your time as you engage and increase touchpoints with multiple leads on LinkedIn.